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May 05, 2014
$351.6M More Going to Madoff Scam Victims
USA Today


May 05, 2014
Another $350M Heading Back to Madoff Victims
FOX Business

February 04, 2014
JPMorgan's $543 Million Madoff Trustee Settlement Approved


January 08, 2014
Madoff Trustee Tops $10 Billion Recovery with Bank Deal



January 07, 2014
For Bernard Madoff's Victims, A Massive Settlement Of Their Own
National Public Radio


October 30, 2013
Madoff Trustee May Pursue $8 Billion Claims vs. Banks in Feeder Fund Cases


October 14, 2013
Implications for Banks as Madoff Litigation Grinds On
The New York Times Dealbook


October 09, 2013
Madoff Trustee Asks Supreme Court to Let Him Sue Banks
The New York Times Dealbook



August 26, 2013
Madoff Trustee Reaches $98 Million Settlement with Maxam Fund


April 09, 2013
Group Works to Recover Money Lost in Madoff Scam
NBC 9 News (Denver, Colorado)