Every six months, the SIPA Trustee files a detailed report with the United States Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of New York that outlines the progress made in the substantively consolidated liquidation proceeding of BLMIS. Every major initiative being undertaken by the SIPA Trustee is included in this report. Areas covered include:

  • Administration and wind-down of the estate
  • Claims administration
  • Status of the Customer Fund and an accounting of the recoveries comprising it
  • Investigations into feeder funds, favored investors and international matters
  • Status of litigations seeking recoveries
  • Status of the net equity decision and ongoing appeals
  • Objections to claims determinations and settlements of customer claims disputes

Once the proceeding is officially closed, a final report will provide a public and transparent record of the BLMIS liquidation that will contain results, a final accounting and professional recommendations.